Guided Prayer

We understand that sometimes we need to pray but cannot formulate the words to say. This is very normal and okay! We are here to assist you with your prayer for specific circumstances. We will continue to add prayers as God lays it on our hearts. Use these guided prayers by reciting them out loud, writing them down, or as a guide to get you started on your own person prayer.



I am struggling to be in deep connection with you. Please help me to reconnect to you. According to John 15, without being connected to You, I am no good to your Kingdom. Apart from You, no fruit will come from my life. I need to remain in You. Please give me the desire to seek You eagerly. Please help me to see and to hear Your purpose for my life loud and clear. Also, God, please help me to eliminate all things that are getting in the way of my relationship with you. Forgive me for placing things above Your name and for putting You on the back burner. Help me to remember that you are not just a component of my life, but that You are my life. I want to be used for Your glory. I don’t want to blow it. I love You God. Thank You for Your grace and mercy. In Jesus’s Name, Amen.



As a follower of Christ, I know that I have access to Your supernatural peace. Father, Hebrews 4:12 says that your Word is a powerful tool. Your Word is alive and sharper than any double edged sword. Therefore, lord, I will use Your Word to fight against any spirit of anxiety. Father, please give me wisdom to see where my anxiety is stemming from. Please peel back my many layers and search my heart. God, if there is anything contributing to anxiety, please remove it from within me and from my life. Father, please exchange anxiety with Your peace that surpasses understanding. I will cast my anxiety on you because you care for me. Thank You God for your healing power. In Jesus’s Name, Amen.

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Honestly It is not always easy to obey you. Please forgive me for my disobedience. God, I know that you know what is best. I know that my obedience is attached to any blessing that You release to me. I also know that my obedience is attached to the lives that you have assigned for me to impact. Please help me to obey You, even when I do not understand. Please help me to obey You, even when it hurts to let go of my own will. God, I want to pray and live confidently in the knowledge of Your provision and love. Please reveal your will for my life and give me the heart and mind to accept it. Your will may not align with my will, but please help me to realize that Your will is always for my good. God, cast out any doubts that I have in you and any fears that arise from being obedient to You. Thank you God for loving me enough to correct me. In Jesus’s Name, Amen.